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Pension bar restaurant Ex Posta

The Coccau post station

Along the route of the Alpe Adria Cyclovia, a few kilometers from the Austrian border in the direction of Tarvisio, an information and service office has been set up on the bike path, accessible by both bike and car, which in addition to providing information about the area to cyclists in transit, is a refreshment point with a restaurant and bar and guesthouse with 10 beds.

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The coccau post station

discover the origins

The post station was located in an old building (vulgo Kanalaz) located on the ancient Via Romana, probably built by the Melchior family who owned it from the second half of the 1700s onward.

Alongside the rooms for the specific duties of a post station, there were probably rooms used for refreshments and accommodation for postmen. It can also be assumed that horses were changed at the post station, and it cannot be ruled out that carriages and wagons could be repaired there as needed.

timeless emotions

An unforgettable dining experience in a rustic, warm and welcoming atmosphere, where every dish, though simple, is meticulously prepared down to the smallest detail with the choice of fresh, top-quality ingredients that are almost always locally sourced.

The specialties

In a rustic, traditional alpine setting, the Ex Posta restaurant offers a deliberately short and restrained menu: about ten dishes including appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts, traditional and old-fashioned home cooking, with no frills but quality.

The motto that has always characterized the Ex Posta restaurant is:

pension bar restaurant former post office

the charm of
old station

Imagine traveling back in time, when wayfarers traveled the dusty roads in search of a safe haven to rest. The old post stations were places of meeting, refreshment and rest for those who crossed long distances. Today you have the opportunity to relive that fascinating era by staying in one of these historic structures.

The hotel has 5 double rooms equipped with private bathrooms, one different from the other with furnishings with attention to detail, maintaining a style consonant with the mountain area.

from our menu

Discover the genuine flavors and authenticity of traditional old-fashioned cuisine: a look at our dishes.

they say about us

Our reviews from Google: what customers who have visited us say about us

Sándor TakácsSándor Takács
19:32 20 Jun 24
Doron NadavDoron Nadav
10:00 15 Jun 24
Unfortunately very unfriendly, they are probably a bit too spoiled by the location on the bike path
09:15 08 Jun 24
One of the restaurants on the Alps Adria road, nice atmosphere, nice place, no bicycle charging station
Giuseppe CillepiGiuseppe Cillepi
14:31 06 Jun 24
Optimal !
Luise HorvathLuise Horvath
19:13 05 Mar 24
Alberto RuggieroAlberto Ruggiero
22:06 08 Dec 23
We decided to try this place thanks to the excellent reviews on tripadvisor and g***gle but what we came across was a terrible experience.The menu is very limited and offers extremely simple dishes (gnocchi with butter and sage, pasta all’arrabbiata, cauliflower with carrots, penne with ricotta and tomato)The staff proved to be very surly and at times arrogant even though we were the only customers with the exception of one other table on the evening of December 8th.When ordering the starters we asked to take two starters to divide into four and we were told in an annoyed and laughing manner the final blow came at the moment of the bill which amounted to 105 euros in total. The waitress kindly offered to split the billRoman for 4 therefore it would have been €26.25 per person. Without letting us think he began with On the receipt we then realized that we had been charged for 4 starters instead of 2 (as we had been told they were capable of doing).When we pointed out the error, the waitress responded with and took us back the sum of €15 instead of €16, once again rounded (in this case downwards) in favor of the restaurant.We left this place disappointed and saddened, and taking into account the quality/quantity of thefood and the rudeness and incorrectness of the staff we are certain we will never return and we do not recommend trying this place
Michael OtterMichael Otter
14:35 07 Aug 23
We had a very nice dinner with friends. Excellent food, nice atmosphere.
Robert MiedemaRobert Miedema
20:41 15 Jul 23
Very good dishes from antipasti to dolci. Good vibes, and the lady was very considerate with my pregnant wife’s diet.
Marc TautschnigMarc Tautschnig
11:16 29 Jul 21
We had Guanciale and wine. The main course was very tasty. Service was very friendly and fast. One star deducted for the rather mediocre house wine.
Marco GalluzzoMarco Galluzzo
19:21 01 Nov 17
Just along the route of the Ciclovia Alpe Adria so the location it’s quite convenient. The place is really characteristic and even if it doesn’t offer a large variety on the menu, the food is quite good

live a unique experience

Come discover the timeless charm of an old post station. Be carried away by the magic of the past and have an authentic and unforgettable experience. We are waiting to offer you a warm welcome, a dreamy stay and cuisine in the respect of tradition!